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ANDY LEUNG - His performance, "The New Opium", will be 15mins composed as four movements for two musicians, playing electronic and traditional "erhu" instruments against a backdrop of video images. The piece examines the addiction that the internet is having on our leisure time, and how that clashes with traditional values. (Telecommunications occurs via space, so there is a tenuous link with the overall moon theme)


JULIA CHENG - Her performance, "Silver Moon", will be 15mins choreographed for 3 dancers, exploring harmony, roundness, and the idea that a broken connection unveils the fun but somewhat challenging journey between 3 people, striving for continuous harmony to be whole again.





QUANG VAN - His performance, "Lunar Orbits", will be a 15mins visual poem for 3 dancers looking at the ancient mysteries and myths associated with the moon. Philip Feeney will compose music for both pieces.






RUTH CHAN - Her performance, "Moon Magmatism", will be a musical journey, exploring why and how we are so attracted to the moon from the beginning of time, to how modern technology and space travel has enabled us to find out more about the moon than ever before. Acoustic and electric instruments combine with other live or recorded soundscapes, which will be accompanied either by video that contains collated images associated with the moon, or by speech/narration.



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Celebrate contemporary Chinese New Year!

with pioneering British composers Ruth Chan, Andy Leung and choreographers Julia Cheng, Quang Kien Van, inspired by the historic Chinese Chang’e Mission lunar landing


  • 20 February 2015, 7.30pm
  • 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
  • Box Office: 020 7613 7498
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  • 21 February 2015, 7.30pm
  • Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
  • Box Office: 020 8692 4446
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£12 / £10 concessions, advance bookings of 10+ are £8

Capacity is limited, so early booking is advised




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