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Project New Earth Audience Feedback


Captivating and very moving singing & performance from casuk
- Sharon Chou, audience member

Incredibly moving & beautiful performance by Chinese Arts Space telling the forgotten history of the Chinese Labour Corps during WWI
- Southbank Centre, London


"This was a memorable show drawing together very diverse cultural forms to reflect on the history of the Chinese Labour Corps. It was a fantastic experience to watch the performance with a predominantly Chinese audience, young and old, in Liverpool’s Chinatown. The Chinese Labour Corps has been written out of history or in the case of the Pantheon de la Guerre ‘painted out of history’. It’s important that their story is retold, both to rescue historical memory, and because it helps us see the war from a very different perspective and realise that there is, and was, a world and a war beyond Europe”
- Councillor Steve Munby, Riverside Ward Labour Councillor, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods

“I enjoyed the dancing duo in Missing Parts. The actors' singing in Song Unsung sounded like Mozart"
- Bill Harpe, Director & co-Founder of the Black-E

"Excellent, enjoyed the performance"
- Kim Yung, audience member

"I really liked the last sung story, very enjoyable"
- Pat Yip, audience member

"Enjoyed this a lot, very surprising, thought-provoking and visually & musically beautiful"
- Marie Laverne, audience member


"A really nice evening and I’m incredibly heartened by the audience response… their level of engagement with the work and the discussion was quite extraordinary"
- Cheryl Pierce, Folkestone Quarterhouse Director

"Very moving and important forgotten story - we're all human beings"
- Leon Donnelly, audience member

"Excellent & entertaining, last piece taught me about the CLC"
- D. Benn, audience member

"Informative, powerful and original "
- Liz Hitchon, audience member

"Excellent, both artistically & for educational content"
- Gil Hitchon, audience member


An engaging, well performed, multi-disciplined take on a fascinating and timely hidden history within the 1914-18 commemorations.
- David Prescott - Artistic Associate - Theatre Royal Plymouth

"I'm a Chinese living in Plymouth, so it's a very good experience for me to learn this piece of history.
I really liked it"
- Mina, audience member

"Incredible! Very touching, especially from the Chinese & English folk songs, the old photos & wonderful performances. Created a strong connection between history & the audience. Well done!"
- Grace Liu, audience member

"Interesting to see 4 different forms of art supporting the same theme. Performances are so good to combine Chinese & English cultures, so accurate - the performers must have practised a lot. Well done to them!"
- E. Li, audience member

"I thought the whole thing was absolutely amazing, however I particularly enjoyed the play / musical performance & I thought that it was fantastic"
- Tara Webb, audience member

"Moving, thought-provoking & educational"
- Dani Golding, audience member

"Moving, thought-provoking, live performances very easy to connect with on a personal level - excellent throughout"
- Shanna Webb, audience member

"Our son (7yrs) loved the dancing! I knew nothing about the Chinese war work & hope this information spreads. David Tse's Song Unsung was excellent."
- Wendy Rippon, audience member

"Powerful, thought-provoking, eye-opening"
- Dr Pia Martinus, audience member

"Very informative, emotional"
- Hrach Agobiani, audience member

"All excellent. Very moving performances. The films, whilst quite different, were stunning, provocative & informative. I've learnt a lot"
- Oly Skulsky, audience member

"An amazing performance, marvellously acted.
Have learnt about the history of the CLC in WW1, which I was not aware of"
- Ruth Cremin, audience member

"Very thought-provoking, & informative. Visually challenging.
Excellent drama. Impressive musicality. A worthy project"
- Angela Taylor, audience member

"This was so good - creative, beautifully executed. I highly recommend it. Powerful, very moving, a story that the world should know - and extremely poignant for the times we find ourselves in now."
- Nicola Mayne, audience member

"Absolutely fantastic. A very powerful story through a mixture of dance, music and drama. Definitely recommend, would be great if other towns and cities could see this."
- Danielle Axford, audience member

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