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CAS receives no regular funding and operates as a non-profit organisation.

PNE has been partly funded by Arts Council England and is definitely going ahead, but we still need to raise additional money to help us tour the production to three cities where members of the CLC are buried, and to bring it to the China Changing festival at the Southbank Centre in London on 16 December. To educate the public about this piece of 'forgotten history' and to promote and distribute the two short films (Heroes Within and Lunar Corps) all over the world*. Your support will directly help to ensure the success of this unique and historically significant intercultural event. Every penny counts! (*subject to sufficient fundraising)

"Let's not forget the Chinese Labour Corp, their spirit and their sacrifice for bringing peace to Europe and the world"

The funds raised will contribute to the following:

  • 1. Promotion and distribution for the two short films across short film festivals around the world including media in UK & China, as well as online forums and WW1 Museums around the world
  • 2. Cost of the tour, eg. accommodation, transportation for the creative team and artists
  • 3. Cost of more publicity of the performances, eg. posters, flyers, and house programmes and advertisement, to bring greater public awareness of the performances

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Chinese Arts Space would like to extend a huge thank you for supporting Project New Earth!

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